Why Repair a Phone Yourself?

When asked why many people repair their phones themselves, they often say that it is too much inconvenience to have them repaired by someone else. This inconvenience is often one of time, meaning that the owner of the phone is without their phone for too long a period of time and so to avoid that they repair the phone themselves so they are not inconvenienced for as long. If you have never needed to have your phone repaired or even had to have the screen of your touchscreen phone replaced, you may not understand what they mean by this as the manufacturer provides instructions on what to do should the screen need repairing or replacing. Although the manufacturer does provide instructions and often a warranty as well, those instructions and the warranty are not always of much use to you. First of all, no accidents which include scratching the screen, is covered by the warranty and secondly, their instructions on what to do will usually consist of two choices. The first choice is to take it to one of their authorized repair facilities but all too often that facility is not located anywhere near you. The second alternative is to post the phone to them and when they have completed the repair, they will post it back to you. That is fine except it means that you will be inconvenienced with no phone for days. At least if the repair facility was located near you, they would loan you a phone whilst yours was being repaired. A loaned phone of course isn’t as good as your own phone but at least you can keep in contact with people whilst your own phone is undergoing the repairs. This is all too much of an inconvenience for most people and so they seek other options. One other option is to check online for any phone repair businesses in your area. There will always be at least one but as they are not associated with the manufacturers, they will probably require you to provide any replacement parts that are needed, such as a new screen. This means that you will have the inconvenience of ordering and paying for the replacement parts online and if you are going to do that anyway; you may as well repair the phone yourself. Often the repairs are not difficult and instructions on how to make many of the repairs are available online. To replace a touchscreen for instance, it may take only 5 minutes.

Now however there is an further alternative available for Londoners at least. That alternative is to go online to https://www.repairly.co.uk/iphone-repair/ and tell them your problem. They will send someone to you to collect your phone, take it away for repair and return the phone to you again within just 2 hours. That is an option which is even more convenient than attempting to make the repairs yourself as you are only without your phone for 2 hours which to most people is acceptable.

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