Top iPhone 7 Earphone Choices for 2017

Yes yes, we know, it is still technically 2016, however, with the shopping season fully underway, how many of you either know you’re getting a new iPhone 7 for Christmas or plan on buying one with your gift cards anyways?  Yeah, a lot of you. So, since you already KNOW you’ll be rocking an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus pretty soon, you should also know that your old set of cans aren’t going to work with it. Yup, sorry to break the bad news, but the latest iPhone model has completely dropped the headphone jack, rendering everything pre-September 7th 2016 obsolete.

Lightning Connected Alternatives Already Exist

Don’t cry though, new iPhones ship with Lightning-connector earbuds just like previous models so you won’t be completely music-less. However, if you have any type of discerning ear at all, you know that the stock earbuds are absolute rubbish. Hip hop fans and electro-heads know in particular how lacking the stock earbuds can be when it comes to range and bass in particular. All is not lost though, a few pioneering companies have gone ahead and made high fidelity models with Lightning-plug cables attached to be used specifically for Apple products.

There are already a dozen or so models to choose from, but a few stand above the rest in terms of quality and design. So, in preparation for the new year, here are some of the top picks earphone picks for 2017 that you can pair with your brand spanking new iPhone 7.  *Note, for more in-depth reviews on these check out Lightningcan’s full  in-depth comparison.

Top Pick for Tech Lovers: The Audeze Sine

Some people like to sit back and wait a good 6 months to a year when new technology comes out to let it “prove itself” in the market before spending money. Others however embrace new tech like it’s their own family and pick it up as soon as it hits shelves. If you feel the need to constantly be on the cutting edge so-to-speak, then you’ll want to grab a pair of Audeze Sine’s to pair with your Apple products because unlike 99% of headphones out there that use regular neodymium magnets to create sound, the Sine’s use a planar magnetic technology, which is totally futuristic and creates an insanely spread-out, balanced note. sine

Audeze is a certifiable hifi, audiophile-first kind of company, and most of their cans come with a price tag to match. The Sine’s however aren’t that bad, especially given the comparative price tag of Apple products themselves, and are definitely built to last. Take advantage of all that Apple’s Lightning cable has to offer with a pair of cans that truly shine with integrated amplifiers and all sorts of magic to polish up your music. With Audeze Sines, you’ll be one of the very few listening to your music through a very very unique driver system.

Top Pick for Gym Enthusiasts: The JBL Reflect Aware

If you’re not really into the big bulky traditional “over the head and on the ear” type of cans, then we know just the thing for you. We’re talking about the all new JBL Reflect Aware’s. These are actually Lightning powered earbuds. They also make a USB-C version for Android users as well. JBL has gone through the effort to make them sweat proof and ergonomically designed to stay in the ear even when moving around.reflect aware

Working out is all about staying light and flexible. This is compromised if you’re planing on using some kind of dongle every time you go to the gym or out for a bike ride. With the Reflect Aware’s, say goodbye to those stupid adapters forever and listen to your music wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about ruining a fancy pair of cans with sweat.

Top Pick for Rich People: The B&W P9 Signature

Last but not least in any way, especially not where price is concerned, are the P9 Signature model from famous high-end speaker maker Bowers and Wilkins. The P9’s are not only the most luxurious set of cans to come with a Lightning cable (company says they’ll ship Lightning cables to all customers early 2017), but they are also a special product designed by B&W to celebrate 50 years of audio engineering heritage.P9

With a high quality cast aluminum frame and super luxurious leather everywhere, these are pretty much the Cadillac of headphones for Apple products. The price tag is a little big… so make sure you’re seated when you research that, but you definitely get what you pay for here in the highest quality set of cans currently available for Lightning-connected devices like iPhone 7’s and iPads.

There you go! Three amazing options to pair with your new phone this holiday season. Some are a little more expensive than others, so you may have to wait until a little further into 2017 to finally make a purchase, however given all the perks that come with these new breed of cans, the wait will be very well worth it indeed!

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