The Usefulness of a Pocket Knife

There is little doubt that a pocket knife can be very useful in many given situations unfortunately though, not everybody carries one which means many tasks that could have been easy because of the availability of a pocket, become very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. For this reason there are an increasing number of people that are opting to buy and carry a pocket knife with them most of the day. It may not only be at work that you have the need for a pocket knife as, on the street or even sometimes at a social event a pocket knife could come in handy. If you are considering buying a pocket knife though, there are literally hundreds of different ones to choose from and so you may need some guidance as to which would be the most suitable for you in your situation. Fortunately websites like have already reviewed many of them and on their site have displayed their findings. Among the many choices of pocket knives from which to choose, you will see OTF knives and EDC knives but don’t be alarmed as they too are pocket knives but with special features. The OTF knife is a knife with an out the front blade, hence its initials and basically this is a regular pocket knife except for the fact that the blade comes straight forward out of the handle and so can be more quickly deployed for use. The letters EDC stand for every day carry which is perhaps a little deceiving as most pocket knives are suitable to carry most days however, usually an EDC knife has been designed more as a use every day knife and so is perhaps more rugged and durable than many of the other pocket knives available. Not only is a pocket knife useful in an urban environment but can also be useful in an outdoors, rural environment too. However, woodsmen, hunter and other outdoorsmen opt to carry a more specialized knife when they go out but, they often still carry a pocket knife as well. A pocket knife is a description for any short bladed knife which has its blade shielded by its handle when not in use. The blade os a good pocket knife will be sharp and so being shielded by the handle makes it safe to carry and also protects the blade from getting damaged when not in use. The length of the blade on any pocket knife is usually only about 4 inches and is not especially designed to be good for one single purpose, it is a general use blade and that is perhaps its appeal. As a pocket knife’s blade is general purpose, it can be used for a multitude of different tasks , one of which many of us are faced with at least once per day and so those people that do already carry one, do get a surprising amount of work out of it on a regular basis.

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