Reducing the Numbers of Smokers

Although many people may think that seeing an increase in the number of people using e-cigarettes is a bad thing, it possibly isn’t if at the same time it means a decrease in the number of people smoking tobacco cigarettes. It has been shown that the more people that smoke traditional, tobacco cigarettes, the worse it is for us health wise. This is because as well as there being nicotine in cigarettes, which cause smokers to become addicted, in the smoke there are over 4000 chemicals, many of which can be hazardous to our health. I say hazardous to our health as we do not actually have to smoke to feel the effects, the chemicals are in the smoke which we could also inhale by accident. It was due to the hazards of what has become known as second hand smoke which has caused smoking to be banned in many public buildings and other areas, such as work places.

This in turn has caused more smokers to try and quit as they would have to frequently leave social gathering or their work stations in order to go for a smoke. As a smoker is addicted to the nicotine though, quitting is rarely an easy task and so a smoker will look for assistance. That assistance can be found in e-cigarettes as they too contain nicotine. Although the e-cigarettes may contain nicotine, it is not enough for it to cause addiction but is enough to quell a smoker’s urge to smoke for at least a few hours.

The e-cigarettes though do not contain any of the 4000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke though and so they have not been banned from use. This means that a smoker can attend a social function and stay with the crowd even if the venue is in a no smoking site by making use of an e-cigarette. Even the best e cig UK has not yet been fully cleared as having no hazards at all as tests are still underway but what is already known is, even if e-cigarettes may be associated with health hazards, they will not be as many or as severe as those associated with tobacco cigarettes.

No one, including the manufacturers of e-cigarettes claim that e-cigarettes will help a smoker to stop smoking but they have been shown to be affective in doing so. Once a smoker tries an e-cigarette on one occasion and it managed to quell their cravings for smoke for a couple of hours that once, they will usually use them again and e-cigarettes then become a part of their life just as tobacco cigarettes did.

Often, as the –cigarettes are safer, cheaper and more socially acceptable, a smoker will replace all their smoking with e-cigarettes and in doing so, present none of us with health risks from second hand smoke. As the amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes is much less than in traditional cigarettes, after a while some ex-smokers find that they can even start to go without the e-cigarettes and save more money.

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