Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers have been designed specifically to allow those that cannot afford or would rather not pay all the money it costs for a modern mattress, to still have some comfort, in fact the same level of comfort a brand new, full size mattress would provide them. This means though, as there are now several different types of mattress available, all with their own levels of comfort and all with their own prices, several different types of mattress toppers must also be available; and there are.

In order to find out exactly what different types of mattresses are available today, simply go to a website like you will see full descriptions for each and perhaps even the prices of some. The modern mattresses of today though are all made from some type of foam but the type of foam used for each mattress varies considerably and so you will want to know exactly what it is you are paying for when you buy one. The different types of foam mattress are:

Regular Foam – These are the original foam mattresses which although affording you sufficient comfort whilst new, tend to sag after continuous use, making them uncomfortable and possibly even lead you to get back or neck pains.

Memory Foam – This are similar to the regular foam mattresses and so they too afford you comfort but in these mattresses memory foam is used which enables the mattress to keep its shape, returning to its original shape after each time it is laid on. The trouble with this type of mattress though is that it can cause heat build-ups in the mattress on the parts where you lie, making you hot especially in the warmer nights of summer.

Memory Foam with Gel – These mattresses are once again made from memory foam but with the foam for these mattresses, a gel has been added which helps to spread the heat all over the mattress avoiding build-ups anywhere and providing a much cooler night’s sleep.

All Foam Mattresses – these are the latest offerings from the mattress manufacturers and they are called all foam mattresses because they use layers of all the foams in order to try and provide you with the best night’s sleep. The lower layer of this mattress is made from hard foam which gives the whole mattress its support. The next layer is made from regular, soft foam and that is there to provide the comfort. The third layer is a memory foam layer which allows the mattress to reform to its original shape after being used. The last layer which is the top layer and the layer which you actually lay on, is made from memory foam with gel and this layer, being at the top, is intended to help you sleep without becoming too warm due to heat build-ups in the mattress.

This means that there are regular foam mattress toppers, memory foam mattress toppers and memory foam with gel mattress toppers available, all at significantly lower prices than the full mattress equivalent.

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