Buy a Mattress Topper and Save Money

If you were considering spending a lot of money on buying a mattress, you could perhaps make a big saving by only buying a mattress topper. If you search mattress topper reviews you will see that there as many varieties of mattress toppers as there are mattresses but the toppers are far cheaper. Many people consider that a memory foam mattress is the best mattress you can buy today, affording you the most comfort and among the longest lasting and this is because the memory foam mattress can be very soft, affording you that comfort but can also return to its original shape after you get off it. This means it does not start to sag in the middle or anywhere else where the weight of your body compresses it. Memory foam mattress toppers are also available though and they work on the same principle, affording you equal comfort. So, what is the difference between a mattress and a mattress topper you may ask and the answer is this. A typical memory foam mattress will have two very distinct layers, a bottom layer for support and a top layer providing the comfort. The bottom layer is thicker and is made-up of a much harder material. Although this bottom layer can offer support for the weight of your body, it would not have any give and therefore be very uncomfortable to lie on.

The top layer would not be able to support the weight of your body as it is that which is made-up of memory foam but can provide excellent comfort. In essence, the memory foam mattress topper is the top layer of a memory foam mattress. This means o course that having bought a memory foam mattress topper, you would have to find something to support it but, as many people are starting to realize, although your old mattress may not have still provided you a comfortable night’s sleep, it can still make an excellent support for your new memory foam mattress topper.

Some people have reported that, like with full memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers can create a build-up of heat around where your body lies. Manufacturers of the memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers are aware of this and so offer some of their mattresses and mattress toppers with a gel inserted into the foam during manufacture. The gel inserted into the foam, assists the heat in dissipating evenly throughout the mattress avoiding any heat build-up.

The manufacturers do not put this gel in all their mattresses as, many people like the added warmth that the heat build-up affords them but still insert the gel in some mattresses because for those mattress buyers that live in hotter climates, prefer not to have any additional heat at night. This is just one of the differences that you will find when looking to see which mattress topper to buy but another one is the actual thickness of the mattress topper, and a last difference is of course the brand.

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