Advice About Skin

Most of us could use some advice when it comes to good skin care, especially if we break out with blemishes or dark spots. It isn’t that there are no products available to help; it is rather that there are too many different products and so it is hard to know which products work and which don’t. However, there are websites like the one by Best Skin Advisor that will offer advice as to which products work best and with what type of spots or blemishes and so we can always look at those for advice.

First, these websites will explain that there are several types of dark spots each of which is caused by separate things. There are age spots which appear as a person grows older and there are sunspots which appear if someone is out in the sun too long. Then there are the dark spots caused by melanin. Melanin is produced naturally by the body in order to help maintain your skin’s health however occasionally it can form clusters which appear as dark spots on the skin. If you are suffering from the spots caused by the clustering melanin, you will not only want to use a product that will lighten the spots, you will also want the product to try and stop a recurrence of the problem.

One product that does both of these things is one that contains Retinal, a form of Vitamin A. This ingredient will increase the skin’s activity, helping it to shed dead or damaged skin more quickly and thereby reducing the darkness of the spot and, at the same time, assist in the even spread of melanin, hopefully preventing dark spots from appearing again.

Some ingredients in these products, although working well, can cause the skin to burn more easily in the sun and so if you opt to use one of the products containing one of these ingredients, be sure to put on some high SPF sunscreen before going out in the sun. One of the ingredients renowned for this problem is Kojic Acid which was introduced to the west by Japan and is derived from fungi extract.

There are certain ingredients that you do not want in your chosen product, one of which is hydroquinone. Although hydroquinone was once popular for use in skin care products and was very effective in helping skin healthy, more recently it has been associated with cancer and so many skin care products have stopped using it. Instead of using hydroquinone, many products use the safe alternative Azelaic Acid as, although it may not be as effective as hydroquinone, it is at least considered safe for use with no adverse side effects having been linked to it.

Although all the skin care products claim to be as good as one another, unfortunately, there are great differences in their effectiveness and so before buying or using any of the skin care products, look to see what its active ingredients are.

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